Bulletin concering the Government of assassins (09-12-2008)

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Organization of the struggle for satisfaction of youth and labour rights

to overthrow the Government of the assassins

Massive demonstrations broke out, all over the country, set off by the cold blood assassination of 16-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos. The exacerbation of working class living conditions, poverty, unemployment, the sombre picture of future due to the economical crisis, combined with the accumulation of wealth in a few capitalists’ hands, and the provocative disbursement of billions of € to them, was the substratum of labour and social disaffection, demonstrated by tens of thousands of protesters in Athens and the rest of Greece.

Greek Government countered public rage with making use of murderous suppressing and utilizing all -conspicuous and inconspicuous- apparatus. They attempt no matter how, to intercept the public wave close enough to drown them. Today they debated to activate the emergency legislation, meaning further restriction of social rights.

The community doesn't give the right to the Government of blood to enforce “discipline”, let alone activate an emergency legislation. The only thing that it can do, is submit its resignation.

The labour and youth struggle has to stop this policy nurturing criminals “in the name of social order”, which recognizes property as mainly important rather than the youths lives, which savagely taxes the working class in order to arm the murderous police and to reimburse the shop owners and at the same time relieve capitalists from taxation.

Every social force and struggler is urged to act in the direction of the development of massive struggles. Moreover, they need to process General Assemblies in every syndicate, in any student union, to carry out strikes, occupations of schools and universities.

The working class and the struggling youth have to demand immediately:

  • No restriction of civil rights, no restriction of the right to strike, assembly and demonstration

  • Improvement of living conditions for the workers. Enhancement of salaries and pensions, employment for everybody. Protection of the unemployed.

  • Prohibition of dismissals, confiscation of capitalist's property and of every company which goes bankrupt

  • Funding of hospitals and medical treatment for every worker

  • Cancellation of the Law for University Operation and Evaluation of Universities. Satisfaction of the demands of the students’ movement. Education provided free by the state. Hands off the University asylum

Based on their demands, the working class and students have to direct their movement to struggle for immediate overthrow of the Government.

Moreover, they have to insist unequivocally for the satisfaction of their demands, against any governmental solution the capitalists suggest to serve their own good.

Only the united, organized and constant struggle of the working class is able to guarantee the satisfaction of the demands.


communist organization REDEPLOYMENT